About Us

Mission Statement

A self-energized community of intercity travelers who create efficient and eco-friendly travel networks.


“Build a platform and a dependable network for intercity travelers that is eco-friendly and affordable.”


Intercity ride-pooling Network.

How it all started?

It all started with my first year at WSU. I would always make the commute back home at least two-three times a month. Since I wasn't able to drive, my only option left was bus rides, which would often not work with my schedule or were simply too expensive.

Another option I resorted to was "Facebook Carpool Group", but those were just not reliable and often very shady. As a student, It was very expensive to rent a car and difficult to find someone who had similar/nearby journey dates to the destination. Arranging rides with students was just time-consuming and often very difficult. After some time, I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling with finding carpooling resources, my friends and many other students were often left with resorting to expensive transportation methods. After all these hurdles, I came up with the idea of “Tripick”. I wanted to provide a platform where people like me could find transportation resources at flexible low prices with drivers similar interests as them.

What is Tripick?

"Tripick", is an innovative approach to carpooling. Tripick gives users a platform to offer and find rides with flexible customized prices. Tripick takes security very seriously, so for users, it stores identification sources like driver license numbers into our heavily encrypted/secured system. Multiple SOS and emergency services options are built into the application which offers the users a safe state of mind. Tripick are made for the people for the benefit of the people.

Why Tripick?

Tripick offers reliability and flexibility. Instead of waiting for high priced taxis or other transportation alternatives, classy drives allow users to carpool at very affordable prices. Classy drives approach to carpooling allows you to expand your network while building a network of high-class individuals.


Sukhjinder Singh

CEO, and Founder

Manvir Singh

Product Manager

Gurpreet Pal

Senior Board of Advisor

Kulvinder Gill